I really love how this trench jacket makes everything look so casual. This Cameo Bustier has a feminine silhouette and is made of a more dressy material (it has a pearlescent sheen to it), but I tried to make it wearable for every day by pairing it with this jacket and my trusty Hudson stark moto jeans

Zara Double Pearl Necklace (Similar here)
Mom's bracelets

I'm so excited to announce my collaboration with Gigi New York! They're featuring a blogger a month and I'm the first blogger that was selected! I'm so grateful for this opportunity because there are so many amazing bloggers out there. To be contacted, personally, by their PR agent is just mind boggling. The best thing is, I really do love their designs. They have really classic pieces that will last for generations and the quality is great. Their top leather is sourced from mainly France and Italy, but they also have other countries supply them as well. Not only that, but all their products are made in their factory in Long Island New York. Why is that important? It creates jobs for people, which leads to a better economy for the U.S. Many big corporations moved their factories to third world countries because labor is just ridiculously cheap. All in all, it means this brand actually cares.

Anyway, I also want to really thank you guys for being with me through this blogging journey. I started from nothing and it's starting to turn into something. I really cherish all your comments and feedbacks. Please, if you guys need advice or help with your blog, feel free to email me. I always respond.

For this post, I also want to dedicate it to Once Upon A Time's new series Frozen since it's premiering this Sunday. There were some new photos that leaked and I wanted to share it with you guys.

It seems like they're trying to keep the costumes the same as the film, but the one thing that seems to be missing is the rosemaling detail that was so prevalent throughout the movie. It also appears that the costumes are more muted in colors.

Elsa's costume in the film was beautiful mainly because it was animated, but I wish there was more detail in her costumes here. There might be special effects, but the attention to detail in the film was just so darn impressive. I really hope Once Upon A Time lives up to that.

What do you guys think of Anna's and Kristoff's costumes?


Maggie S.

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