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HM Cotton Shirt
NastyGal Crop Top (Also love this)
Burberry Wallet - old (Also love this and this)

I went to brunch at the Oakland Grill on Sunday with my family. I got the Colorado Omelet with salad. It's definitely not the typical Denny's brunch food. They use real eggs and fresh ingredients. Heck, even the watermelon was super sweet. After we finished, we went to Blue Bottle for some hipster coffee. If you guys ever go to Oakland, you must get the New Orleans (I think) iced coffee. It was so good! It's the best coffee that I've ever had. Usually iced coffees can be watered down, but not this place. The coffee was rich and smooth with a hint of sweetness. 

Anyway, hope you guys have a good week!


Maggie S.

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