Diaval - Maleficent

HK Moto Leather Jacket
Enza Costa Striped Top (But this color is cute too)
HK Leather Cutout Boots (Love this too)

This is my go-to outfit during the cooler nights because I tend to get cold very easily. If I do end up wearing skirts or dresses, I always layer a pair of tights and shorts for extra warmth, but then I feel suffocated because of all the layers. That is why, jeans play a vital role in the Fall and Winter. 

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate my dark outfit to Maleficent. I was trying to find something better to evoke Angelina Jolie's costumes, but I just didn't have anything in my wardrobe that resembled her. 

Costume designer, Anna B. Shepphard used Renaissance-inspired silhouettes to dictate the direction of this film. Instead of using light colors to evoke innocence, she chose to use organic textures like cotton and thin wool. It also gives a more earthy and bohemian vibe. We see this in Aurora's costumes and Maleficent, before she became evil. 

Fun fact: this hooded coat is almost the same mirror image of the cape Maleficent wore the night she lost her wings. It was a reminder of the innocent fairy Maleficent once was. 

There were 3 main designers who were in charge of Angelina Jolie's costumes: Rob Goodwin, Manuel Albarran, and Justin Smith.

This signature head piece was made by Justin Smith and consists of ostrich, leather, stingray and and fish skins. 


Everything was custom made in London in two years worth. 

The horns were stuck on with a very strong magnet just so they can pop off easily in-between takes. It also served to be very useful when performing stunts. 

Did you guys like the film? It wasn't the best Disney film ever, but it was really enjoyable to watch. Angelina Jolie channeled Maleficent seamlessly. 

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!


Maggie S.

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