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Lace is the epitome of femininity and delicateness. Whether you love it or hate it, lace has the power to allure and hold a sense of mystery. No one knows when lace was invented, but historians believe it was created in the 16th century. It started taken the fashion world by storm through the 18th century, as it was a symbol of wealth and was also a demonstration of good taste. 

Lace, in today's society, can either be deemed as extremely trashy or chic - complete polar opposites right? I'm really loving this Three Floor dress as it creates a sense of modernity to the typical lace dress. The geometric placements of the straight edges along with the delicate scallop details create an ultra chic cocktail dress that can be worn for years to come. Although, I have to say, this Forever 21 dress is a total steal! 

Growing up, I always thought lace was so tacky because I've never seen it worn right. My very first memory of lace actually being elegant is from Pretty Woman. When Julia Roberts wore that beautiful black cocktail dress and surprised Richard Gere, my opinion of this demure fabric changed. I know lace snags easily and isn't the most practical thing to keep in your wardrobe, but when you find that perfect little lace dress, it's like keeping a mini work of art and with all works of art, you take extra care of it. 

Here are some suggestions of my favorite lace dresses:


Maggie S.

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