Black and White

Obsession Rules Heels

Just realized there's a naked little girl running around the background in my first photo. Haha. I didn't notice it until later.

Anyway, I've been trying to find black or white sweaters with a twist since Fall is coming up and I'm on the hunt for more unique items. I like this sweater because of the distressed look and how all the "tears" are closed so I don't have to worry about it unraveling. It's also just a good piece to have since I have 3 pairs of moto jeans. 

Word of advice: try not buy super cheap sweaters just because they fuzz/pill very easily and they're usually not very warm. (Although, I can say the same for a lot of expensive sweaters too.) Try to invest in 2 mid-quality sweaters (around the price range $40-60) instead of 5-6 cheap ones this Fall. I promise it'll be a good investment. 

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Ready to take on the new week?


Maggie S.

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