The Ruby Thief

Joy Han Isabella Dress - sold out (top version here)
Mom's Vintage Gold Pearl Necklace
Asos Anchor Ring
Aunt's Vintage Diamond Ring

I'm so in love with this dress! It's lightweight and super breezy for this hot LA weather. It's not the normal cheap chiffon that Forever 21 has and it's lined on the inside! There's something that makes this dress so delicate and sexy at the same time. This style actually reminds me of my early childhood days when my mom used to buy these off-the-shoulder tops for me. But I'd always pull it up. She'd always say, "Stop that! It makes you look more lady-like." Now that I'm older, I agree. Mama knows best. 

By the way, Macy's is having a huge sale on their shoes. There's this one pair that is seen on Aimee Song, but Obsession Rules makes a similar pair for way cheap. Make sure to check it out. Sometimes, they'll have the same exact pair selling at Nordstrom, but for way cheaper. 

Anyway, happy Monday everyone!


Maggie S.

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