Darkest Night

Anarchy Street Necklace
Gold Pearl Necklace from Mom
Sam Edelman Sandals 
Botkier Honore Bag (nude one on sale here)

Joy Han is totally owning it with these cute off the shoulder designs. It's totally inspired by the 70s with the bell sleeves and off the shoulder free-spirit look. I was on a business trip to LA for a fashion buying gig and this is basically what I wore to see all the different clothing vendors. It was super comfortable (just like the maroon dress) and just easy. I definitely feel like this is the ultimate summer dress just because it's not restricting in anyway. 

Anyway, I'm going to Comic Con this week! I've been working on this couture dress for so long and I want to share my progress, but unfortunately we're not allowed to post anything until the event is over. I can't wait till you guys see my design. Stay tuned.


Maggie S.

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