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Although this is a very serene outfit with the title "Oceans," I wanted to provide some insight in the industry of fashion blogging and give some warnings to fellow bloggers out there. I was recently harassed via email because I naively gave out my personal email address to someone who labeled himself as a "photographer." I was on my way to a meeting and a man stops me to ask if I was interested in collaborating. He said he didn't have a website or a business card, which should have been a major red flag. I quickly gave him my email address without second thought because I've met such great people in LA. He initially emailed me giving me samples of the "work" he's done, which were all boudoir photos, and I ignored it because it simply wasn't something I was interested in doing. Then he sent me a series of really sick messages asking for my price and saying that he could be my sugar daddy. There were other inappropriate things that he mentioned, but let's not get into the details. 

Anyway, I share this because I want to enforce the idea that the world is not always a safe place and we should always be cautious and wise with what we say or do. In Los Angeles, the city of opportunity and where everyone is pursuing some sort of job in the entertainment industry, it's easy to think "Oh, this person seems harmless and they might be able to help my career somehow." I'm not saying to not trust anyone, but just be wise. I've met plenty of good people, but it only takes one mistake to really put yourself in danger. Be careful.

So on the lighter note, I'm really loving the song "Oceans" by Hillsong. It helps me get through tough times and keep my head above waters when the tidal waves of life come crashing. 

Whoo! That was a long read. Thanks for taking the time to read everything. Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe weekend!


Maggie S. 

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