Mask of Zorro

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Peasant blouses can make someone look larger than they really are, but if you look for ones with a V-neck opening, it'd be more figure flattering. I love the billowy sleeves and how the fabric moves with the wind.

Anyway, this top paired with the black pants reminded me of "The Mask of Zorro," so I thought I'd do a costume design feature. The costumes were designed by Graciela Mazon. FYI: The book was set in the 1850s while the movie took place in 1841.

The invention of the zipper didn't happen officially till 1913 so clothes were held together by buttons, grommets, and hooks.

In 1841, gowns evolved to having the shoulders sloping, the waist becoming low and pointed and the skirt became more bell-shaped.

Catherine Zeta Jones looked like she belonged in this time period. Although, it's hard to believe anyone smaller to done these gorgeous gowns, during this time period, women had unbelievably tiny waists. A 19 or 21 waist size was not uncommon.

This film was nominated for best costume design at BAFTA.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all had a good Father's Day.


Maggie S. 

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