[closed] Giveaway! Win a pair of Sseko Sandals and a Bangle

HM Orange Cami (Similar here and here)
HK blue skirt (Similar here and here)
HK blue leather jacket (Similar here)
Anarchy Street Heart Bracelet
Ann Taylor Pink Jewel Bracelet
Sseko "Gladys" Bangle

Hey everyone! I'm really excited to share with you my collaboration with Sseko Designs. They have really high quality sandals that you can wear in multiple ways. The T-strap sandals have different add-ons so you can switch it up according to your outfit and the ribbon sandals give you the freedom to change how you tie them whenever you want. On top of the cool designs, their mission statement is to provide jobs for girls in Uganda so that they can attend college. 

Many young women end up on the streets because they simply don't have the money, but Sseko creates an environment of dignity, honor and dedication. They provide employment during the 9 month gap between high school and university where high potential young women are able to earn and save enough money to pay for college tuition. 50% of their salary each month goes into a savings account that is not accessible until tuition is due. This ensures that their income goes towards education. This also protects the women in their program from the social pressure they often feel from their families to give away the money they are earning which can perpetuate the cycle of poverty. At the end of each term, Sseko Designs grants university scholarships that match up to 100% of the savings each woman has made during her 9 month session with Sseko.

Each bracelet also carries a beautiful story. My bracelet has Gladys name engraved on it and it's a reminder that fashion can make a difference in the world without being superficial. Gladys was so excited when she was invited to join Sseko that she screamed and then called all of her friends. She's planning to channel that enthusiasm into her studies; then become and engineer, hopefully inspiring other women to join the profession. 

Read more about how Sseko Design's story here

Now onto the giveaway! One of my followers will win a pair of Sseko Design sandals of their choice along with a brass bangle. (Remember brass doesn't rust!) 

Here are the rules regarding the giveaway:

1. Follow me on Instagram (@clothestomidnight)
2. Repost my Sseko Design giveaway photo
2. Tag (@SsekoDesigns
3. Hashtag #SsekoSoleSister
Good luck! They're really worth checking out. The reason why Tom's shoes are so popular because he promises to give a pair away to a child in need. If fashion can make a positive impact, why not do it then? 


Maggie S.

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