The Sky is the Limit

Floral Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target (Also love this and this)
Blue Trench Coat: Forever 21 - old (Similar here and here)
Belt: American Apparel (Similar here)
Blue Gem Statement Necklace: Boutique in HK (Love this and cheaper version here)
Black and White Leather Bag: Botkier (Also love this)
Sequin Pumps: Isabel Marant for HM

I haven't worn his trench jacket in forever, but I realized because of the hemline of the skirt, longer jackets look better with it. I've always wanted to buy a more durable trench coat, but I feel like this is more of an East Coast type of fashion statement because you don't really see much Californians wearing them. It's most likely due to the lack of rainy weather we get here. 

Anyway, I was talking to a recruiter the other day and he was giving me advice on the pursuit of passion. As you all know, I'm a freelance costume designer, so work doesn't always come by and I've been looking for other jobs that are more stable. However, he advised me to really think about which career option would lead closer to my ultimate goal and go from there. He also said to not settle and pigeon hole myself because it's easy to just get comfortable. 

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." - Helen Keller


Maggie S.

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