Raiding Plaid - Winter Soldier (Captain America)

Plaid Shirt: Rails (Similar here and here
White Moto Jeans: Hudson (Also love this and this
Blue Belt: Boutique in HK (Similar here)
Black and White Crossbody Bag: Botkier (Also love this and this)
Black Ankle Strap Heels: Zara - old (Similar here and here)

During the week, I finally got to meet a person (who works in Public Relations) I was following on Instagram. We have been talking about meeting for awhile, but time was never on our side. I honestly just wanted to meet her and be able to finally talk to her in person, but she generously gave me this Rails plaid shirt and a pair of shorts from Black Orchid. The fashion/media industry can be quite cruel. People are cut throat and everyone is so competitive. It almost seems like no one wants to help you. However, she proved all these people wrong. She's super busy herself, but she made time to meet with me and talk about how she could help because she saw so much talent in me. 

As promised, here's a post dedicated to Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. Judianna Makovsky was the costume designer; she's also known for her designs in the first Hunger Games movie and the Harry Potter installments.

 Did you notice that Black Widow was wearing an arrow necklace referring to her relationship with Hawkeye? I love these subtle details in costuming that most people don't pay attention to, but they make such good little background stories. 

As the filming industry for blockbuster hits and hero movies continue to flood Hollywood, there's a lot more that has to be taken account for in costumes. Judianna stated that with each new film, she had to ask the actors what was comfortable or uncomfortable so that she can make adjustments in the new costumes for ease of movement. This is really important because there are so many fighting sequences. 

Although this Stealth suit seem every mundane to the average eye, the texture of the suit actually took 4 months to develop. The Russo brothers (the directors) wanted something that would resemble a woven type of hard fabric, which normally aren't very stretchy so Makovsky had to develop something that would give the look that the directors wanted, but also making it moveable and comfortable. 

The directors also wanted a very realistic look to the film so although the color palette is very subtle, the actual clothing pieces are filled with details. 

This is my favorite costume out of the whole film. It just looks so cool with that half mask and the robotic arm. 

I'm going to be on set this weekend, so I'm going to be quite busy. Anyway, feel free to send me emails or comments and I'll be sure to answer them. 

Have fun this weekend!


Maggie S.

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