Pretty in Pink

Crop top: Asos 
Origami Skirt: Asos (on sale now)
Nude Sandals: Old Navy (Similar here)
Leather Clutch: Botkier (Also love this)
Cross Necklace: Mom (Similar here

Okay, I lied. I said I wasn't going to wear crop tops, but I didn't expect the skirt to be high waisted enough to not give me a muffin top or the crop top being the perfect length. This pairing is what I would like to call, "sitting-down proof," meaning no extra meat is hanging off to the side. So keep in mind, when pairing a crop top, make sure it's high waisted enough to cover the majority of your stomach. 

Since I was wearing pink, I'd like to dedicate this post to one of the most iconic fashion films in the 80s, Pretty in Pink. Costumes were designed by Marilyn Vance. It's crazy how almost all the pieces that Andi and Duckie wore are basically outfits of the modern hipster. The only thing that really defines this as an 80s film is the hair. (Maybe what the rich kids wear too.)

Duckie's costumes were by far my favorite. I love the layering of different textures and patterns. I loved how casual and effortless he looked even though he was practically wearing a three piece suit. 

The rich kids outfits were quite boring. They didn't consist of a lot of patterns and this is a rare instance where Andi tries to fit in. Her colors are much more muted than her other eccentric outfits. (By the way, I'm so glad we're not reverting back to the 80s style for men. It was such poor tailoring!)

Does Ducki look dashing or what? His wing tipped collar accessorized by that cool bolo tie mixed with his jacquard blazer really tied the whole outfit together. He looked sophisticated, yet true to his character. Also, I have to mention, I can totally see NastyGal selling a dress like what Andi is wearing. 

Although, I didn't really like the ending and would have preferred the book's ending instead, this is still a must see. There's so many different layers and depth to the movie that a lot of movies nowadays don't have. 

Anyway, hope you guys are having a great weekend! 


Maggie S.

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