Blue Lace Dress: Three Floor (Also love this and this
Black and White Crossbody: Botkier (Also love this
Nude Ankle Strap Sandals: Old Navy (Also love this)

There have been 2 instances where I've bought really cheap shoes. The first, was from Forever21 because they made a pair of heels that looked really similar to the nude Isabel Marant ones. The second was this time. If you follow Who What Wear, you'll see that they wrote an article about how elongating nude heels are. Although I own 2 pairs of nude pumps, I didn't really own a simple pair of nude ankle strap sandals. These ones from Old Navy are so comfortable to walk in due to the thicker heel. I walked around the mall no problem. 

Anyway, since I was feeling so fancy, I thought I'd dedicate this post to Iggy Azalea's music video "Fancy." For all you 90s kids, this was a huge tribute to the iconic fashion film, "Clueless." I did a side by side comparison to show you how the film influenced Iggy's fashion in this catchy music video.

Cher's iconic yellow plaid two piece is replicated to the dot by Iggy. Also, who can forget that hat? These are probably the only outfits that they tried to re-create as close to the outfits in the film as possible. 

Although they're not sporting the same exact outfits as the film, the black and white ensembles gave us a pleasant trip down memory lane. 

Charli XCX is supposed to be the more fashionable Brittany Murphy and although this is the only outfit that pays tribute to her, the other outfits still carry the film's aesthetic. 

Who can forget those sunglasses and that fluffy pen? Again, this shows that sometimes, you don't need to copy everything exactly. You just need to take key elements to remind the audience which film you're referring to.

The car scene was such a memorable moment because it was so ridiculously hilarious. In Iggy's video, they're wearing something completely different than the film, but what made it great was the reference to the bright red sports car. 

Lastly, the party scene only had a few elements that were true to the film. The red lighting and the fuzzy cuffs worn by Iggy with a skin tight dress. I don't think Iggy had her hair up at all like Alicia Silverstone, but somehow, everything worked.

Anyway, hope you guys found this post entertaining. Talk to you soon. 


Maggie S.

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