Watercolor - The Wolverine

Satin Cami Floral Dress: Asos (Romper alternative here)
Denim Jacket: Boutique in HK (Similar here)
Tan Ankle Strap Sandals with Gold detailing: DSW - old (Also love this and this)
Orange Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think there's a common theme in the past couple of posts and that's my love for Spring. Haha. Although my favorite time of the year is Autumn, mainly due to the warmer weather, I love the vibrant and pastel colors of Spring. It's a symbol of new life beginning and a fresh start. 

Since the flowers on this dress give me an asian vibe, I'm going to talk about The Wolverine. It's set in modern day Japan and Isis Mussenden did a lot of research to get the cultural influences right. I find that a lot of American designers will often confuse Japanese and Chinese cultures and constantly get the two mixed up. It's kind of a pet peeve of mine. However, they were lucky to have Rila Fukushima on board to help out. 

I have to mention how much I love the movie posters. It's obviously inspired by Japanese Sumi art and I think they're fantastic. It's probably my favorite movie poster of 2013. I couldn't find the artist so if any of you know who it is, please let me know. 

Logan had more of a rugged look throughout the entire film. He's starting a new and recovering in a way so he's not always clean. He had 5 looks total, but hundreds replicated because of blood and gunshot wounds. A lot of distressing had to be done and also not to mention for the stunt double too. 

I really love the Harajuku influences on Rila's costumes. It really does scream Japanese, but also not overdoing it because a lot of the Harajuku fashion devotees can look a bit crazy. 

It's always difficult trying to create actual costume pieces from comic book drawings into wearable pieces. Viper's comic book costume isn't very detailed at all. I love the bandage costume that she's wearing in the film; there's so much more dimension. 

Did any of you see the film? What'd you think of it? When I watched Captain America, more than half of the previews were Marvel movies. It's going to be one action-packed summer!


Maggie S.

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