The Golden Age

Black Mesh Peplum Top: Harlowe and Graham  (Also love this and this)
White Moto Jeans: Hudson Jeans (Also loving these)
Diamond Cross Necklace and regular silver cross necklace
Tan Sandals with Gold Ankle Strap: DSW - old (Also love these and these)
Orange Leather Satchel: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I've never been a fan of peplum tops because I feel like the trend will fade. I also think it just looks awkward on me. However, I love this Harlowe and Graham top because it has a subtle peplum detail. It's not overly crazy, but just enough to give a little flare at the bottom to make your waist appear smaller. I also love the mesh detail on the shoulders and on the back. This outfit is technically really plain because it's just a simple black top and white jeans, but the details on each garment makes a big difference. I'm probably going to be wearing these Hudson jeans a lot during the Spring. White is such a crisp color and with the moto look, it definitely makes any plain outfit cool. 

Since I took this photo during the golden hour, I wanted to dedicate this post to "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," costume designed by Alexandra Byrne. It's set around the time period of 1570s - 1580s. This is one of my favorite time periods because of the extravagant and lavish bead-work on each article of clothing. I can't believe that this movie didn't win the Oscars, but then again, "Shakespeare in Love" was really exquisite. I'm sure it was a tough choice.

I wonder if the collar was 3-D printed. Not really sure how lace would stand up like that, but then again, all the paintings had lace collars that stood up like this. 

Men's jackets during this time period are called doublets and pants are called breeches (aka pumpkin pants).

Cate Blachett is the only actress I know that can still look so beautiful without eyebrows. Haha. 

I never understood the wings, but there is a painting of Queen Elizabeth with them. I actually did something very similar for a play I designed. 

There are so many more costumes to cover, but I'm going to restrain myself so you guys can check out the movie yourself. It's a feast for your eyes, fashion lovers. 

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I want to end this post with my favorite quote from C.S. Lewis, "I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it, I see everything else."

Maggie S.

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