Sea of Coral

Blue Leather Jacket: HK Boutique (Similar here and super affordable version here)
Yellow Beaded Chiffon Top: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle 
Orange Leather Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sequin Studded Pumps: Isabel Marant pour HM (Similar here and love these

I usually don't like spending over $20 on tank tops because they have the least amount of fabric and fashion tends to go through them like water, but when I saw this Forever 21 tank, I knew this was a keeper. A lot of people complain about how Forever 21's clothing is never worth it because of the bad quality, but honestly, you just have to pick and choose the right type of fabric. This tank has really cool detail with the extra beading and Mediterranean design. I want to share with you a trick with items that I'd rather pick up at Forever 21 than splurging major bucks on a brand name item. 

This might be a little too small to read, but if you take a look at the prices, there's a major difference between all the embellished tanks. The "manta tank" is the most expensive one out of all 4 because it's made out of silk, but it's also most likely because it just has better quality beads, not to mention it's a brand name. The top left tank is made from 100% cotton, but I'm not sure if it's entirely worth $220 at full price. The "beaded center tank" is the one that is made from the same fabric material as the Forever 21 tank. Both are made of 100% polyester, however, the MM Couture tank is more expensive because there's simply more beading. 

Hope this was helpful. Make sure to compare fabric material between Forever 21 and more expensive items because sometimes it's not really worth it to splurge on a trendy items. 


Maggie S.

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