In Full Bloom

Floral Cotton Swing Dress: Asos (Also love this)
Pastel Blue Moto Jacket: Zara - sold out (Similar here)
Cutout Boots: Boutique in HK (Similar here)

I've been wearing the same shoes and accessories because I'm on a business trip to LA for a week so I packed pretty light. I was in NorCal for a bit because I'm kind of in transition between moving back to LA since my lease ended, but it was nice to take a break from the big city. 

I really love this cotton dress from Asos. It's really comfortable and it doesn't cling to the body. It also gives you plenty of room to eat and not feel restricted. Haha. Hope you guys are having a fun week! My birthday is coming up! Eep!

Maggie S.

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