Skyfall - Fire and Ice

Striped Shirt: Forever 21 - old (Similar here)
White Moto Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Red Ankle Heels: Zara (Similar here and also love this)
Orange Leather Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

The number one problem about white jeans is how see-through they are; however these from Hudson are not, surprisingly. I'm not really sure how this is really achieved because the other white jeans I own have the same thickness, but are a little more transparent. Anyway, these are super comfortable and feel almost like jeggings. The best part is that every jean is done by hand and not by machine; that's part of the reason why it's so pricey. Don't worry. I'm not sponsored by them or anything. I just wanted to share how amazing these jeans are. 

Today, this post is dedicated to one of the most stylish movies of all time, Skyfall. Every James Bond actor has been a major fashion icon. There's really nothing hotter than a well-tailored suit on man. Usually, when you think of Agent 007, you imagine him to wear solid colored suits, but I love the subtle pattern details that costume designer, Jany Temime chose. Here, you see Daniel Craig in a pinstriped suit with a checkered tie. Also, Jany thought that belts were too 90s looking and decided to just created trousers that were flat-front instead. 

Here's a side note: Tom Cruise always wears pinstripe suits because it creates the illusion of elongating the body, therefore, making him appear taller. 

The opening sequence with the light gray suit had 60 replicas. 30 were made for Daniel and 30 were made for the stunt doubles. Then, some had to be distressed and some had to have blood on it. For the motorcycle scene, they needed to lengthen the sleeves so they don't roll up too high and they also lengthened the trousers so that when sitting, the ankles don't show. Crazy right? If you notice in the wide shots, Daniel's trousers also didn't really have much of a break. So in real life, if he sat down, his ankles would totally show. This, my friends, is movie magic with costume design.

This tuxedo was actually blue with black lapels. Due to the yellowish lighting, it neutralized the color; therefore, making it appear black. However, you see the blue tuxedo in the advertisements for this film. 

Like all Bond movies, there's always a sexy Bond girl. Bérénice Marlohe looked absolutely stunning with her wine nail polish and sultry hair and makeup. 

This black dress features 60,000 Swarovski crystals, all of which, applied by hand. It took six months to make. 

Everything that you see on actors has been customized to fit their body. No wonder they always look so good.  

So here's a little fashion tip 101: no matter, how amazing a trend may seem to be, if it doesn't fit your body, it's not going to look good. As Aimee Song once said, "If it fits well, you're going to look like a million bucks." That motto applies to cheap and expensive clothing. 

Hope you guys have a great week.

Maggie S.

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