Pride and Prejudice

Pastel Blue Moto Jacket: Zara - sold out (Similar here)
White Lace Tank: Aeropostale - old (Similar here and on sale here)
Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters - old
Heels: Isabel Marant pour HM - old (Also loving this and this)

Have you guessed what my favorite color is already? It's blue! I've been wearing it nonstop for the past couple of posts. Actually, even when I'm not posting for my blog, I'm always wearing some sort of blue colored item. I'm really loving this Zara jacket and will be wearing it a lot for the Spring, so don't hate. It's the perfect combination of edge and femininity; hence the name "Bad Romance." 

My mom gave me her Louis Vuitton bag and I was about to return it back to her because I thought this speedy size was just too small for my frame (I'm 5'7"). I then, realized that I could just add a strap and wear it as a crossbody bag instead. Much better right? 

This week's post is dedicated to one of my favorite books that I read in high school, "Pride and Prejudice." I took British Literature my senior year and practically fell in love with this book. We also watched the original movie that was over 5 hours long. Anyway, I digress. Jacqueline Durran was the costume designer for the 2005 film with Kiera Knightly. She also designed last year's Oscar winner, "Anna Karenina." 

This film was also nominated for the Oscars, but lost to "Memoirs of a Geisha," by my favorite costume designer, Colleen Atwood. There aren't lavish costumes like "Anna Karenina," but there's a simplistic beauty to all the Bennet's clothing. 

The Bennets were not wealthy, but they did try to look as presentable as possible. 

I forgot to mention this was set in the late 19th century. Can you believe that within a few decades, corsets were gone and it was soon the flapper era?

One of the best things about costume designing is showing the state of mind of a character. Mr. Darcy's costumes were very formal, very strict and very neat when he first meets Elizabeth.

As the film progresses, you see his collar undone or his shirt open. The walls that he's built over the years of hiding his feelings and emotions, all came tumbling down as he opened his heart to Elizabeth.

Although the movie was fun to watch, I'd highly recommend reading the book. Then, binge watch the original movie that was over 5 hours long and then finally, watch this version. Haha. 

Hope you guys are having a splendid weekend. 

Quick update: This is very nerdy of me to be admitting this, but Comic Con is holding a fashion design contest. So follow me on Instagram for updates on your favorite geeky comic characters and see my rendition of them in high fashion couture. (@clothestomidnight)


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