Casually Distressed - Regina Mills

Studded Leather Jacket with Safety Pins: Mango - sold out (Also love this and this)
Plaid Shirt - old (Similar here and here)
Distressed Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 - old 
Gold Trim Boots: Steve Madden - sold out (Also really loving this and this)

This would probably be my go-to casual look during the cooler months. I always like pairing a plaid shirt with a leather jacket. For some reason, it really adds dimension to the outfit. 

Anyway, I wanted to focus today's post on Regina Mills' costumes from "Once Upon a Time." Eduardo Castro is the costume designer for this hit TV show. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person when I had my design showcase when I graduated. At the time, I barely started watching the show and had no idea who he was until much later. I finished watching season 1 and actually haven't been keeping up with it, but I started watching it again this Season because of the new character from Oz. 

I love how lavish all of her costumes are. As each season progresses, they get more and more detailed. It's really beautiful. 

This is probably the few times Regina actually wears pants. If you notice, all of her "evil" costumes have some sort of shoulder pad or enhanced shoulder effect to portray her power. 

I love this velvet lace dress with the strong shoulder pad detail. It demonstrates her sense of power and boldness. With the touch of lace, it also makes a statement that she's delicate too.

I barely noticed this back detail of this blue dress. It's such a cool and intricate design.

The texture on this leather costume is amazing. I love how costume designers are coming up with new and innovative ways to use leather.

Here's Regina in her earlier innocent stages. There's a big difference in terms of silhouette, makeup and hairstyle. She has more of a natural look and everything is rounded out instead of sharp edges.

Anybody else watching "Once Upon a Time?" What do you guys think of this show?


Maggie S.

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