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You all know that I've been raving about the Peter Pilotto and Target collaboration, but here's the best part: it's all 30% o...

You all know that I've been raving about the Peter Pilotto and Target collaboration, but here's the best part: it's all 30% off now! Better run to the stores or shop online before it's too late!

Tiger Tee: Forever 21 - old (Similar here and here)
Leather Jacket: HK - old (Also love this and this)  
Chainmail Bag: BCBG - old 
Bracelets and Rings: Combination of gifts from Mom and HK
Gold Metal Trim Leather Ankle Boots: Steve Madden - only one size left 

Aside from the great deal that Target is having on the Peter Pilotto collaboration, I wanted to share some other sales I've been noticing online too. The boots that I'm wearing are from Steve Madden's extra 50% off clearance items. I love the metal gold trim detail on it. It's very subtle, yet very eye-catching. It's details like these that really make a pair of shoes stand out. Make sure to check out the website as soon as possible. 

Asos is also having an extra 20% off all clearance items. I really love this pair here. It's somewhat similar to the Steve Madden ones, but with cutout details. I was really having a hard time looking for the same exact pair, but I guess these would be an alternative. This Report Signature pair was actually my first choice because of the lower heel. I walk around a lot and it's really difficult wearing such high shoes all the time so for those of you who are looking for a better alternative for walking, I would highly recommend them. I just decided to get the taller Steve Madden boots because I already have a pair of lower heeled ankle boots.

I've also noticed a trend for the new season. Instead of the traditional floral prints, a lot of designers are adding a new and modern twist to the classic pattern. I guess that's why I love this skirt and the Asos skirt from my Dark Horse post. It has an edginess while maintaining a feminine feel. 

Anyway, make sure to catch the sales. A lot of websites are transitioning from Winter to Spring so there are massive sales about to come along. I'll try to keep you guys posted if I find more deals. Let me know if that would even be helpful, because if it's not, then, I don't want to post massive articles on things that don't matter. 

This week's post is dedicated to 2NE1's music video "Happy." If you haven't already known, 2NE1 is a big fan of Jeremy Scott, hence the super bright patterned clothing they always done in their music videos. He also makes a guest appearance in this music video. Also, I wanted to mention, they filmed this very close to my beloved TV show, "New Girl," in Little Tokyo, near my favorite pie restaurant of all time, The Pie Hole. I wonder when they filmed this because I had no idea they were even there!


You know that 2NE1 can't end a music video without bringing back some edge to their outfits right? Here, they're walking down the streets of downtown LA in all leather ensembles.

It's tough to wear such bright and colorful pieces all at once without looking like Nicki Minaj. Let's face it, who will honestly dress like this on a daily basis? But, as a music video, it was really fun. It evoked the song's title, "Happy" one hundred percent especially with all the cute little animations. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Maggie S.

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