blue leather jacket: boutique in hk (similar here)
pleather backless yellow floral dress: asos 
over the knee boots: stuart weitzman
metal chain bag: bcbg
necklace: boutique in hk (although i heard hm is selling something similar)
watch: dolce & gabbana
rings: coach, aunt's vintage diamond ring, forever 21

This is what I wore for Valentine's Day. I received so many compliments on this dress when I was at the mall for only an hour. There's a lot of structure and detail that makes it worth your money. I believe it's on sale right now on Asos so get it while you can! 

Anyway, I just thought the yellow and knee high boots reminded me of the film Watchmen and I thought I'd just dedicate a post to one of the most iconic costume design films ever made. Michael Wilkinson is an amazing designer. You might know him from Tron. His attention to detail and character design is impeccable. 

Whenever you get Zack Snyder as a director, you know you're going to get a highly stylized film.

The film ranged from 1938 through 1985. Each decade was significantly different so what Wilkinson did was put the people on the street in appropriate period attire. Can you tell which period this is from just her hair? 

One of the challenges that every costume designer faces is transferring 2D images to real life. Obviously, there's no restriction in movement in comic strips, but when it comes to real actors wearing actual garments, you have to make the costumes moveable. There's also a lot of detail that the comics might not portray in the costumes just because it's not necessary, but for the big screen, you really have to re-conceptualize the whole thing. 

Another challenge that Michael faced was finding the right balance between realism and surrealism. These characters came from messed up lives. Sometimes it was necessary to hold back in the crazy outfits and let the characters embrace their humanity. 

Side note: I love how Michael put Silk Spectre in a leather trenchcoat. I mean, it could have been part of the comic book's intent, but either way, it's way cool.

That Silk Spectre costume is really difficult to look good in. Bravo to Malin Akerman for training for that rocking body. 

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

Maggie S. 

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