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My favorite movie genre is definitely the romantic comedy, but the majority of guys really can't stand them. For example, *cough cough,...

My favorite movie genre is definitely the romantic comedy, but the majority of guys really can't stand them. For example, *cough cough, Twilight. Please don't torture the guy and make him watch a movie told from a girl's perspective. So, I've compiled a list of films where both you and your man will enjoy on a pleasant date night. They're not in any particular ranking or anything, but they're just suggestions.

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1. Warm Bodies
I just recently re-watched this movie on HBO and was reminded of how much I actually liked this film. It's witty and it doesn't take itself seriously like Twilight. There's enough comedy and zombies in it to make it not so much a typical chick flick.

2. When Harry Met Sally
This is by far one of the wittiest rom-coms of all time. It's about how two best friends fall in love. Yes, all romantic comedies are a little sappy and cliche, but Billy Crystal's performance is so good, you forget that you're watching a chick flick. There are many words of wisdom that go unnoticed because of how fast he talks, but if you really paid attention, you will learn something very valuable about relationships.

3. The Princess Bride
Who doesn't love The Princess Bride? It's a classic fairytale of a peasant boy who will stop at nothing to rescue the love of his life. However, through his journey, he encounters interesting characters that help him along the way.

4. (500) Days of Summer
For all the hipsters, this is probably one of the most quirky romantic comedies ever made. It's inventive and original. What made this movie so successful was how relatable it was to real life. It's probably not the best happy-feel-good film to watch with someone you've only recently started dating, but for those who are more serious about your relationship, this would be a fun movie to watch.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Don't hate me. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I've heard so many good things about it, it'd almost be a felony to not add it to the list. I promise I'll watch it this week.

6. Enchanted
I'm totally biased because this is my favorite movie of all time. If you guys grew up watching Disney movies, you'll love it. The storyline is kind of messed up, considering Amy Adams breaks up a couple that is about to get married, but what justifies the whole thing is that he was settling for comfort and logistics, not real love. So, it kind of works? Still not sold? It's filled with references to all your Disney classics.

7. Groundhog Day
I'm pretty sure 50 First Dates was loosely based off of this movie. It's about a guy who thinks he figured out the game of "love." (Basically, he just wants to have sex.) Billy Murray is stuck in the same day and continually tries to woo Andy MacDowell day after day, initially because he just wants to sleep with her, but realizes that he's fallen hopelessly in love.

8. Wall-E
For once, a film about love spoken with as little words as possible.

9. Easy A
It's not your typical high school comedy. Easy A belongs more to the coming-of-age genre than the romantic comedy type of film. It is somewhat about finding true love, but mainly dealing with nasty high school rumors.

10. My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀)
This movie probably created a Korean culture frenzy among the other Asian countries. It practically broke off the stereotype of Koreans only making grief-stricken dramas. (Seriously though, have you seen 1 Liter of Tears?) It also created a tougher (this is an understatement) image of Korean girls.

These are all guy-approved movies. Haha. Let me know if I should add anything else to the list. There are a bunch of really good romantic comedies that are loved by many girls, but not necessarily by guys. When doing research for this post, I was actually a bit shocked to realize that a lot of the rom-coms in the last decade were not so great. Not sure if the writers are not as good anymore or what.

Anyway, let me know what your favorite romantic comedies are. I'd love to hear!

Maggie S.

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