The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Cardigan: Mason by Michelle Mason (Similar herehere and here)
Purple Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters 
Distressed Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar here and here)
Over-the-knee Boots: Stuart Weitzman (Similar here and here)

It's so much colder in Northern California than in Southern California, but this cardigan is super warm. The sweaters from H&M or Forever 21 never keep me warm enough, but this sweater from Mason by Michelle Mason is super warm! I did hair and makeup for my friend's film and she got me this sweater as a gift. It was super nice of her. 

Side note: I've had this purple plaid sweater for probably over six years now. Haha. I know I should probably retire it, but I haven't found a better plaid shirt. I always get tempted to buy the other ones, but I feel like this honestly goes with everything I wear during the Fall and Winter. 

Anyway, now onto costumes. Have you guys seen the Korean film, "The Good, The Bad, The Weird?" It's set in the West and initially I thought it was really silly to put Korean actors in the Wild West, but the story is so intriguing you forget about it. There were 2 costume designers for this film, Choi Eui-Yeong and Yu-Jin Gweon. If you are in need of a good action flick with a comedic twist, make sure to check this film out. If it helps, 2 of the actors are really hot. Lol.

The film definitely had subtle steampunk elements to it. I loved the mixing of different patterns and earth tone colors in this film. It really gave it a gritty Western feel. 

Jung Woo Sung looked like a true vagabond in his trench coat and hat. 

Song Kang Ho's costume was actually my favorite. There's so many layers and dimension to his outfit that it really enhanced his character in the film.

Lee Byung Hun played the bad guy and I loved how he channeled the more sophisticated steampunk look. He always wore a three-piece suit complete with leather gloves.

All three men have completely different personalities and if they wore different costumes, it would have set a very different tone. Costume design has the power to make or break a character. If Lee Byung Hun wore Song Kang Ho's costume, it would have made him seem like a delusional killer. It simply wouldn't have worked. 

Anyway, until next time. 

Maggie S.

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