Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Leather Moto Jacket: Boutique in HK (Also love this and this)
Wool Cardigan: Gap
Blue and Black Cutout Dress: Three Floor - sold out (Also love this and this)
Over the Knee Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Louis Vuitton 
Necklace: HM and gifts from mom

I love this wool jacket cardigan that I got from Gap two years ago. I was studying at UC Davis at the time and bought it while shopping with a friend for her Paris trip. In my previous post, I had talked the great quality scarves Gap carries and I have to say, their jackets are probably just as good, considering the price. As tempting as it may be to purchase cheaper items, you really do sacrifice quality. Now, I'm not saying that Gap has the best quality in clothing, but honestly, $60 for 100% wool cardigan is pretty darn good. 

This dress is from my much beloved brand, Three Floor. I now own 3 dresses from them and love every single one. My only complaint for this one is that it's a bit short on me, but I wear shorts underneath all my skirts and dresses so it's not too big of a deal. It's actually a cutout dress, but it's much too cold for that so I layered an H&M long sleeve shirt underneath. 

This entry is dedicated to the first installment of the Sherlock Holmes series, costume design by Jenny Beavan. The film is set in the 1890s and there are loose steampunk influences. 

I really loved Sherlock's costumes. It had so much character in it. I remember reading an article stating that Robert Downey Jr.'s costumes were always not as well put together because he would just pick up whatever was left in Dr. Watson's closet. 

The cute little bonnet that Mary Morstan is so perfect for her character. She's not in a bright fuscia dress like Rachel McAdams. She compliments Dr. Watson really quite well. 

Dr. Watson and Mary Morstan are generally in solid colors with subtle patterns and texture while Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler are in bolder costumes. 

I'm not sure how period accurate the bright fuscia dress is, but in this scene, Irene Adler definitely stands out. (The power of using the right color in costumes.) 

Little known fact: There's no way to cover all the costs of having each and every single background actor wear period clothing from head to toe. Costume designers often cheat it by putting the ones in the farthest in more modern items that technically don't show on camera. Shoes really matter the least so there's no way everyone is going to be getting a new pair of Victorian shoes; only the ones that are seen on camera will have the most proper attire. 

Hope you guys get plenty of rest before starting the week again! 

Maggie S.

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