Gray Area - Guide to Online Shopping

Godfather Tank: Forever 21 
Gray Sweater Skirt: Asos (Cheaper alternative here)
Cardigan: Mason by Michelle Mason (also love this and this)
Chain Bag: BCBG (also love this and this)
Diamond Platinum Gold Ring and White Gold Cross Ring: Gifts (similar here and here)
Red Ankle Strap Heels: Zara (similar here and here)

I've worn this BCBG bag to death. I'm really sad because the top stitching is starting to get undone. I really should've taken better care of it. I should probably try to repair it so it doesn't get any worse. 

I think I can surely say that the sporty trend is going to be all over the front pages this year. Maybe girls are trying to find a balance between looking good and being comfortable at the same time. As you might already know, those two things barely ever live in perfect harmony. Although I do enjoy wearing sweats on off days, I'm not sure if I can fully adapt to the sweats trend yet. I did, however, get this sweater wrap skirt. It's really comfortable and it almost feels like I'm wearing sweatpants in the comfort of my own home. If only it were lined with fleece, then I'd be a super happy camper. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my tips for online shopping. I never enjoyed online shopping till now because the few times I did, the items never fit right or they never resemble the photos. Then, there is the hassle of returning the item and paying extra for postage. However, online shopping has evolved, but it can still be a nightmare if you don't read the details carefully. So here are a few tips:

1. You must measure yourself before making online purchases. Here's a guide on measuring yourself: 

Write down all your measurements and then make sure you always check the measuring chart on the website you're buying clothes from. Just because you're a size 4 on one website doesn't mean you're the same size 4 on another. 

2. Fabric materials to avoid: 
Anything over 85% Viscose (It's basically a cheap fabric that can take a lot of different prints, that's why a lot of companies use it. Heck, printing on silk is ridiculously expensive. It doesn't mean I won't buy anything that's 85% and over viscose, but I won't spend over $60 if it is.)
100%  Polyester (Polyester is a very cheap fabric and can basically be made into a lot of things, but it's not really breathable. However, polyester that has been made into chiffon is ok.)
Avoid 5% and over Elastane (Elastane is what makes the fabric stretchy, but too much of it makes the garment very difficult to wear because you'll end up having to wear a body suit in order to smooth everything out. Opt for spandex instead of elastane.)

3. Read the Reviews. I know this is a no brainer, but whenever there are reviews available, always read them. Certain items are made slightly larger than your normal size and reading the reviews will help you determine whether you will fit that item or not.

4. Look for the same item on different websites or on Google to see if there's a sale elsewhere.

5. Always google coupon codes before making a purchase to ensure you'll be saving money.

Well, there you go. Those are my top tips for making online purchases. Learn your fabrics and if you don't know what they are, when you're at the mall, check the tags and see which fabrics fit best on you.  Also, keep in mind that the fabrics I mentioned aren't terrible. I still buy them, but there's a certain amount of money I won't go over because I know they're cheap fabric. It's not worth it.

Anyway, hope this was helpful. 

Maggie S.

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