Dark Horse

Leather Jacket: Boutique in HK (similar here)
Wool Sweater: Gap
Black shirt: HM
Neon Green Floral Skirt: Asos (Also love this and this)
Chain Necklace: HM (Also love this)
Bag: BCBG (Also love this)
Boots: Ebay 

I never really got into the whole neon trend because I always felt it was just a fading trend. I like buying pieces that I know will last for several seasons. However, this skirt is the perfect balance of romance and edge. It's kind of like Jenny Ong's (Neon Blush) style. I wore an all black ensemble to let the neon green really stand out. 

It was pretty cold in SF. I was wearing 5 layers underneath. Lol. I'm such a pansy when it comes to the cold. I'd never survive the East Coast. 

Anyway, now onto costumes. The skirt reminded me of taking something really classic and giving it an updated look and Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" is exactly that. All the silhouettes are mainly Egyptian-inspired, but she added her own pop twist to all of it. Although I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry, I must commend her styling team for producing such an amazing music video.

I wish there was a close up of the details on this dress. Her styling team did a fantastic job of evoking the Egyptian theme from head to toe. 

What's so great about this music video is that every single person is so well-dressed.

There's so many amazing elements in this photo. The embellished collar and the gold headpieces are just so well designed! 

Even her nails have anklets on them. Did you ever notice the cobra headpiece and the peacock feather collars? I have to watch this video several times because there's so much detail in everyone's costumes. 

This is probably my favorite costume out of her whole music video. There's so many cultural influences in this piece - the baroque floral design and the mandarin collar.

When Katy Perry spread her wings, this music video pretty much hit the jackpot. It's just so clever. 

I was actually really expecting a dark video because the music had such a menacing undertone, but I'm kind of glad she didn't. What did you guys think of it? 

Maggie S.

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