leather jacket: boutique in hk, cream dress: self-made ^_^, gold heels: dsw, rings: michelle phan/ever eden & the li...

leather jacket: boutique in hk, cream dress: self-made ^_^, gold heels: dsw, rings: michelle phan/ever eden & the limited, bracelet: h&m and mom

I made this dress for a film project when I was in grad school. Luckily, the actress was the same size as me so I got to keep the dress! Next time, I'll take a better photo of it though because there's a lot of detail that is not shown because of the leather jacket.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my favorite film of all time, "Enchanted." I must have seen this at least 50 times. I love everything about it, except of course, Giselle is kind of a home-wrecker, but I'm not going to get into that. Mona May was the brilliant mind behind all the incredible costumes. 

Mona May did a splendid job of transforming the fairytale costumes to real life. Everything is exaggerated in our memories of a princess because, well, they're cartoons - the big silhouettes with long exaggerated proportions along with a tiny waist. So in order to achieve that look, Mona May created this ginormous wedding dress to bring the cartoon into New York city. 

James Marsden actually had chest, butt and crotch pads to achieve that prince charming look. 

Honestly, in the film, even though I've seen it a million times, I've never noticed the detail on Queen Narissa's (Susan Sarandon) costume. She's a dragon lady and you can totally see the scales on the collar along with the deep pearlescent colors that almost give an insect-like look. 

This is my favorite scene in the entire movie. Let me explain why. Giselle wears a modern day gown signifying her willingness to be a part of Robert's world. At the same time, Robert is wearing Renaissance clothing (very fairytale-esque) implying the walls that he has built (not believing in a fairytale romance) shattering and thus, entering into Giselle's world of happy endings. The dance that they have is so beautiful it creates uncontainable giddiness and joy you can't help, but to smile and melt. 

A little trivia here: the outfit that Patrick Demsey wears is very similar to the outfit that Giselle puts on the dummy in the opening scene. Coincidence?

Have you guys seen this movie? It brings back so many fond memories of childhood. 

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Maggie S.

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