tunic: urban outfitters, metallic bomber jacket: isabel marant pour h&m, studded boots: ebay, beanie: f21 I've been a big ...

tunic: urban outfitters, metallic bomber jacket: isabel marant pour h&m, studded boots: ebay, beanie: f21

I've been a big fan of Isabel Marant ever since I saw Aimee Song wear those strappy nude heels on her blog so when I heard that H&M had hired her to design a collection, I was super stoked. Unfortunately, I had a flight scheduled that day, so I wasn't able to camp out for the collection. Although, I might be glad because I heard it was crazy. My friend and I decided to go later in the afternoon and lo-and-behold, they had the bomber jacket. Honestly, I really wanted the highly coveted beaded jacket, but I thought the bomber jacket was much more wearable. Besides, the beaded jacket was totally sold out and selling like hot cakes on Ebay. Shame on you people who hike up the price so much. It's ridiculous. 

Anyway, I know there isn't the slightest resemblance to the film, Grease, but I thought the white picket fence contrasted against the fence reminded me of Sandy's character. I was Sandy for Halloween, but I was working on set and it was way too cold, so I wore a sweater over my outfit all day. Sad. Anyway, the costume designer was Albert Wolsky. You might also know him from Road to Perdition and Revolutionary Road

This blue jacket that Danny wears is actually a tribute to Rebel Without a Cause.

This was filmed in 1978 and set in the 1950s so you can really see the heavy late 70s influence on the costumes especially in the color palette. It's kind of interesting how films back then leaned more towards pastel colors even for the cool kids. 

The classic biker jacket was a staple piece among the greasers. 

A little trivia here: did you know that Olivia Newton-John was 28 and John Travolta was 23 at the time?

The flared full skirt was a closet staple in the 1950s. If you think about it now, the flared skirt gives a more innocent feel while the form fitted skirt gives a sexier vibe. That's why when Sandy came out in that black outfit at the end, it was so shocking.

I'm not really good with period hairstyles, but you can tell the bottom right hairstyle is definitely more 70s.

For this scene, Olivia had to be sewn into her pants because her zipper broke. 

Olivia looks so damn hot here. 

Did any of you guys see this movie? It's a classic must-watch!

I'm going to Hong Kong on Monday so I won't have as much time to update before I go. Check back after Monday and I should have something updated! Can't wait to share photos with you guys. Also, I'll be taking my phone so make sure to follow me on Instagram so you can check out all the amazing food posts! Haha. 


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