The Covet List - Three Floor - Review

If you haven't heard of Three Floor yet, you might be living under a rock, or hibernating, or in an igloo, cut off from civilizatio...

If you haven't heard of Three Floor yet, you might be living under a rock, or hibernating, or in an igloo, cut off from civilization. Haha. Just kidding. Every well-known blogger in the fashion world has been sporting the famous blue lace dress. I first noticed the brand when Aimee Song posted a photo on Instagram with her in it. I really wanted that dress and soon enough, stores all over were copying that exact same dress. Then, the pages of Lookbook were bombarded with bloggers with the same dress, but from Choies instead. I always have issues with buying clothing online because of fitting matters, so I haven't bought anything from them. On top of that, shipping takes forever. 

However, I did bump into this orange dress called "Sheer Tease," at Crossroads and it happened to be in my size. What a coincidence. Haha. I have a feeling the ladies at Crossroads had no idea who Three Floor was because they priced it at $26. This dress retails for over $250. When you're looking through consignment stores, you never look at the designer first. It's whatever happens to catch your eye - either by quality, color or print. I never look in the orange section because orange tends to make Asians look even more yellow, but I was bored. I noticed this dress immediately because of the fabric. I knew it was made of good quality and when I picked it up to look at it closer, the intricate detail on the cutouts and the lining on the inside were amazing. I knew I had picked a good quality dress. I checked the tag and lo-and-behold, it was from Three Floor. 

One of the most important things about a good quality dress is the lining. A lot of cheap Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe clothing have either really bad lining or no lining at all. That's essentially where they save money. Even on shows like Project Runway, you can guarantee those designers do not think about lining any of their dresses or garments because of the limited amount of time. Time equals money. Also, the fabric itself isn't cheap at all. There are a lot of designers who use cheap fabric, but because of their so-called "brand" name, they up the price like no other. However, I honestly feel like Three Floor is offering their products at a really reasonable price. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from their website. I'm saving up for the "Fatale" dress, unless if I find it at Crossroads. Haha. I doubt it. 

What do you guys think? Do any of you own Three Floor's dresses? I'd love to hear from you guys. 


Maggie S. 

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