The Fall

red shirt: crossroads trading, red jeans: crossroads, black heels: franco sarto, belt: hk, necklace: hk, bracelets: hk, fo...

red shirt: crossroads trading, red jeans: crossroads, black heels: franco sarto, belt: hk, necklace: hk, bracelets: hk, forever 21, anthropologie, watch: gift

I went all red today. Other bloggers have been posting monochromatic looks and thought I'd give it a try with red. There's really nothing special about this look aside from maybe the bright red from head to toe. I definitely got a lot of stares at LACMA today. Haha.

Ok, so now onto costumes. My best friend had suggested to watch "The Fall" because the costumes are stunning. Tarsem Singh, the director, has proven himself time and time again to have quite an eye for beauty. He's directed Immortals, Mirror, Mirror, and The Cell.  Can you guess who the costume designer is? Eiko Ishioka! 

Look at this amazing beaded, horned head-dress. 

The water lily dress! I love how Eiko always maintains a sense of simplicity in her costumes. 

I think generally 87% of the audience liked this film on rotten tomatoes. It might be worth a look if you love costume design like I do. :P

 I'm shooting a music video this weekend! I'm super stoked because it's my first music video and it's loosely set in the 1940s. Can't wait till it's done so I can show you guys! Hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week!

Maggie S. 

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  1. Wow I'm so impressed by your outfit. I've never seen anyone style red pants with a red top but you're really working it. Also I really enjoy how you include costume designs from movies and music videos in your posts. I don't pay enough attention to it myself so I like scrolling through looks you've posted. I'm definitely appreciating costume design more :)

    1. Thanks Christina! That's good! Technically, costume design is just a component of telling a story. It really adds to an actor's character. I'm glad you're enjoying these posts! It definitely makes it worthwhile.

  2. I love your style! Very unique! Congrats on your music video too ;)

    ~ read my blog :) ~

  3. wow that is such a bold look! You're rocking that all red! Great post on costume design once again. They are always so interesting to read. :)

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