red hat: h&m, aztec print jeans: forever 21, fur vest: hk, bracelets/watch: gifts, forever 21, anthropologie, heels: zara I me...

red hat: h&m, aztec print jeans: forever 21, fur vest: hk, bracelets/watch: gifts, forever 21, anthropologie, heels: zara

I met Aimee Song from Song of Style on Friday during her Saks Fifth Avenue meet and greet. The first time that I actually met her was at the Bloggers Bazaar that she set up half a year ago, but I didn't really know of her and I was still very new to the fashion blogging world. I didn't follow a lot of blogs at that time. 

I was one of the first few people that showed up to the event so I got to talk to her for a good 10 minutes. She's seriously my favorite blogger. I love how she mixes prints and patterns in her outfits and she's the one who challenged me not to be afraid of wearing prints. 

You know, once you get to a certain number of followers, gurus tend to get a lot of haters. There's so many people that constantly bash on bloggers and say really insensitive things - assuming that all bloggers do is "get free stuff." On the one hand, it's true that bloggers receive many sponsorships, but they do work hard at it. I'm not sure if you guys know this, but blogging does take up a lot of time. Each of my posts take probably minimum 2 hours (photography + editing + researching costume design related things). I mean, that's only 2 hours dedicated to your blog, not to mention on the social media stuff that comes with it. Anyway, I asked Aimee on average how many hours of sleep she gets because she's juggling 2 full time jobs. (She's also an interior designer.) She laughed and replied with, "On a good day, 5! But seriously, that's enough to last me for a full day." Prior to the Saks meet and greet, she did a photoshoot in the morning and was on a spokes panel. After the meet and greet she had another event to go to. Lasty, she was scheduled for another flight that very night. Talk about crazy!

Anyway, here's a sketch that I did for her and she posted it on her instagram. I also did one of her sister Dani Song. I haven't been sketching very much for over a year and I've decided to sketch at least 3 times a week. Any suggestions on the next blogger I should sketch? I was thinking of doing Chriselle Lim or Wendy Nguyen.

Wow. That was a really long post. Anyway, I'm not sure if you have seen this film, The Grandmaster, but it's by the famous Wong Kar Wai, who's known for his beautiful films like 2046 and In the Mood for Love. The costumes were designed by William Chang and the film is set from the 30s to the 50s, which is a beautiful time period in China. You'll see the fusion of traditional Chinese wear with Western influences. 

Don't you miss how men dressed back then. No t-shirts, only suits and fedoras. 

Song Hye-Kyo looked beautiful in the traditional Cheongsam. 

One of my favorite shots from the film. This was at a brothel house and all the Cheongsams were so intricate and delicate. The costume designer spent 2 years collecting lace and it sure paid off well.

Zhang Ziyi's fur coat moved so beautifully in this scene. You'll have to see for yourself.

By the way, don't expect this to be an action film. Knowing Wong Kar Wai, every shot is meticulously constructed to perfection with his stunning visuals. 

Anyway, hope you guys have an amazing week. 

Maggie S. 

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  1. Great look & beautiful pictures!


  2. very inspirin´and gorgeous snaps, I would really be happy to follow each other-so whatcha think?


  3. WOW! I absolutely ADORE these pants. Geez it's been too long since I've checked out your blog which I completely regret because I forgot how much I LOVE your style.
    Keep it up, girl!

    Ps. I totally found you on Instagram, YAY!


    1. Hey Minda! It's been a long time since I've heard from you! Hope you're doing well. Did you find me through @clothestomidnight? That's the main instagram that I use.

  4. Ooh, you are amazing at mixing clothes! I love all your pieces but what caught my eye the most were those shoes! I adore those shoes :)

    - Che

    1. Thank you! I know, I bought them when Zara had that huge sale. :P

  5. Hi Maggie!
    Thank you for following me, and more thank you for subscribing me :)
    I found that I'm in love with your blog too, especially this post.
    Your hat, that aztec jeans, the red heels, everything are in a great combo!
    Following you back, keep contact dear :)

    Wulan Wu on


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