Clash of the Titans

beaded tank dress: urban outfitters, leather skirt: crossroads trading, red bag: coach, ankle strap heels: forever 21 I fell in...

beaded tank dress: urban outfitters, leather skirt: crossroads trading, red bag: coach, ankle strap heels: forever 21

I fell in love with the Isabel Marant heels when I saw Aimee Song wearing them. They're so beautiful. However, they cost over $1000 and there's no way I can afford that. It's a bit much for heels. When I saw these at Forever 21, it totally made my day. These are actually the only pair of shoes that I own from Forever 21. I never feel like spending that much money on cheaply made shoes when I can probably buy a decent pair at DSW. But, I couldn't resist these. 

So for this post, we're going to talk about Clash of the Titans, costume design by Lindy Hemming. She's the same designer for The Dark Knight. I honestly love the non-traditional greco-roman costumes that designers are coming up with nowadays. It makes it more modern and sophisticated in a way. 

Notice how Sam Worthington's armor is a bit futuristic looking yet still fits into the whole Greek mythological world?

Medusa has got to be one of my favorite Greek mythology characters. I wish they would do a side story of how she came to be, kind of like what they did with Wicked, the musical. I'm not sure if Lindy designed Medusa because usually they have separate designers for monsters. I liked the fact that they made her into a giant snake with her lower half.

I forgot the name of what the sand people were called, but I loved the Mediterranean influence in colors for them.

I guess the people in the palace were more traditional. I appreciated the fact that there were 3 different worlds created with the color palette in costumes. The palace people were primarily in golds. The fighters in dirty grays, and the gods in silver.

I LOVE Hades costume. I couldn't find a closeup of his entire outfit and this was the best in showing it. I guess you'll have to watch the movie to find out. Lol. I did like Zeus' shimmering armor. If the gods were in just silver, I don't think they would actually look less like gods compared to the rich golds that the palace people were wearing. 

Finally, here's Gemma. I don't think back then, they had any dresses designed like this. A lot of what you see in historical books, the garments were large rectangular fabric and were just pinned in ways to make it drape over the body. But, the modern Grecian dress totally fit well with the entire look of the film. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope you have a wonderful weekend! I have another update coming soon from Aimee Song's meet and greet yesterday. :P

Maggie S.

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  1. great photos! the lighting is perfect! gorgeous shoes!


  2. This is such a cute top, and it has such a beautiful print. Also, I love your blog, so I'm a new follower on GFC :)

    1. Hello, thank you so much for following! :)

  3. Uh such an amazing photos love the outfit! Im not a huge fan of greek mythology (im crazy about norse mythology :) ) but Medusa is my fav character too! Thanks for sharing with us

    1. ooooh! I haven't really read anything about norse mythology, maybe I'll get into that. Any suggestions? I love fairytales and mythologies. :)


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