hat: urban outfitters, crochet sweater: hk, magenta skirt: forever 21, bag: brahmin photography: jason pangilinan - http://r...

 hat: urban outfitters, crochet sweater: hk, magenta skirt: forever 21, bag: brahmin

photography: jason pangilinan -

I really love this sheer skirt. I bought it from Forever 21 two years ago and I still wear it because I can wear it all year round. It's perfect for the summer when it's hot and in the winter, I just layer under skirt under it and I'm perfectly warm too. 

I found this bag at Crossroads and have never heard of this label before. Apparently, they make really beautiful leather handbags. I honestly feel like they make better quality bags than Coach or Michael Kors for the same price. They have a much better lining material and their hardware is just more sturdy than the typical well-known American brands. Also, the leather feels really soft. I highly recommend them. Then again, I didn't buy this for full price. I bought it for only $57. 

Today, we're going to talk about Kpop again. Haha. I really love Kpop for the upbeat tempo. It's probably the best for working out. Anyway, today's costumes are from Girls' Generation's (SNSD/소녀시대) "The Boys" music video. Soo-Koung Suh was the stylist for this shoot. I absolutely love the overall color scheme of this music video. Honestly, a lot of SNSD's costumes from other music videos are just way too crazy looking. There's too much going on, but for this music video, I felt like the stylist worked really well with the production designer because the outcome was amazing. 

My outfit was very much inspired by the beginning sequence of the rose petals falling slowly around the girls. This was probably my favorite part of the whole video just because it was so beautiful. 


Yoona's outfit was my favorite. I just loved the strong feathered shoulders and the beautiful chandelier necklace.

I wish I got to see a wider shot of Sunny's outfit because the close up looks amazing. Her makeup is beautiful with the red tint around the eyeliner.

I'm posting videos now so you guys can just click on the music video and watch it straight from my blog without going to youtube. Haha. I'm only doing this for international music videos just because I'm sure everyone gets enough of the American ones. Haha. 

What did you guys think about this music video? Let me know! I'm interested in knowing who else is into Kpop.


Maggie S.

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  1. Love that skirt! I recently got a maxi skirt in the exact same color and I have been wearing it like mad. I was also very impressed by the style in this music video when it came out. I LOVED how high fashion all the outfits in the intro were. They are so beautiful and detailed. I like Yoona's a lot but my other two favorites are Hyoyeon's and Taeyeon's. The metallic shoulder structure is so crazily beautiful, and Taeyeon's looks so romantic and regal with it's muted color and high collar.

    1. Oh nice! That color is very flattering on all skin types!

      I know right? I was really impressed. Have you seen "Run Devil Run?" That's another one of my favorites from SNSD. I just think this whole monochromatic color scheme is so chic and cool. I definitely agree with you on Hyoyeon and Taeyeon's look! I love Hyoyeon's strong metallic shoulder cutouts!

    2. It really is! Yeah, I agree. Monochrome outfits always look so cool and put together. I really like the white outfits that they all wear. There are a lot of little details in the top and pants that is unnoticeable at first glance, like the cutouts on the top and the lace up on the sides of the pants.


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