white embroidered dress: hk, skirt: forever 21, heels: forever 21, belt: hk photography: jason pangilinan ( ...

white embroidered dress: hk, skirt: forever 21, heels: forever 21, belt: hk

photography: jason pangilinan (

I'm pretty sure you've seen this top part of a white dress everywhere. I believe the originator was Dolce & Gabbana, but I'm not entirely sure. I saw it on Angelababy and fell in love. Anyway, I actually hacked the dress to my knees to make it more wearable, but since everyone was wearing it as is, I thought I would just put a maxi skirt over it and change it up. I really love the embroidered detail on the bodice. 

This outfit reminded me of Greek mythology movies and I was debating on whether to do a post on Immortals or Alexander, but I thought Immortals was more visually appealing. The costumes are not historically accurate and it's very stylized. I personally love highly stylized films because it gives the audience something to look forward to when going to the movies. Anyway, the costumes were designed by the famous Eiko Ishioka. She also designed "The Fall" and if you haven't seen that movie, you must because it's just so beautiful. There are no words that can describe it. Just watch it. She also designed "Mirror, Mirror." Also, Henry Cavill stars in this. Eep!

I love this shot! The red really stands out and this is when you know the costume designer worked really well with the production designer. 

You see how different their armor looks. It's not the typical Greco-Roman armor. 

This is so amazing. The crown is ridiculously raw, organic and stunning. Isabel Lucas was also in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen where she played that deception that made out with Shia. Haha.

Eiko really wanted the gods to stand out against the humans, so all of them were dressed in gold.  Look at that amazing crown once again!

The gold part of the mask was made of Swarovski crystals so it glistened and gleamed in the sunlight.

Here's an interview with Eiko.

I wanted to post the video, but blogger isn't allowing me so if you're interested, check it out. There's so much more costumes to cover in this film. I know it doesn't have that many good reviews on RottenTomatoes, but watch it for the costumes! There's a lot of movies that I personally don't enjoy watching because I'm more of a chick flick type of girl, but I'll watch things out of my comfort zone in order to see what other costume designers are doing. 

Anyway, hope you guys had a good week. Yay, the weekend is coming!

Maggie S.

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  1. Wow, you look wonderful.

    You got are really awesome look, hun ^_^

    Many kisses,


  2. Everything looks amazing! I have never seen this movie because but now I feel like I should. haha. I like how your outfit as an airy and light feel to it. Very pretty! :)

    1. well the story wasn't entirely engaging but the costumes were just so amazing to look at. the whole design of it was amazing. it's kinda like snow white and the huntsman. amazing design but so-so story.

      thanks kathy! you're always super sweet!

    2. Ah I see. Yeah, Snow White and the Huntsman was definitely like that. No problem :)


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