leather jacket: hk, tie dye print dress: h&m, bucket bag: h&m, belt: urban outfitters, heels: forever 21 I'm no...

 leather jacket: hk, tie dye print dress: h&m, bucket bag: h&m, belt: urban outfitters, heels: forever 21

I'm normally not a tie dye fan. It's too 70s/Hippie for me, but when I saw this on the shelves of H&M, I fell in love. I don't know if it's because of the color palette or the cut of the dress, or maybe it was the price; I'm not sure. It was only $25. Anyway, it's actually a beach cover-up, but I think if you wear something underneath, you can wear it as a dress like I'm doing here. I wanted to stay away from hippie-land as much as possible so I paired the dress with a leather jacket and a unique belt to toughen it  up. 

Anyway, today we're going to talk about the costumes from the movie "Atonement." Has anyone seen it? It's designed by Jacqueline Durran, who also designed "Anna Karenina." She's so good with her periods. She does extensive research on each period in order to get the silhouettes accurate and that's what makes her such a successful costume designer. I believe she won the Oscar's this year for "Anna Karenina." Anyway, I thought I'd talk about this movie since it has that beautiful green dress. 

I love this shot. 

A little trivia: This green color was composed of 3 different hues of green: lime green silk, black and green organza and green chiffon. This dress was completely white before and Jacqueline took it to a master dyer and created this vibrant green color. You never would have guessed right? In costume design, what you see in real life and what you see on camera is completely different so it's always important to check with the cinematographer to make sure the right color is seen on screen. 

They had many multiples of this dress because the fabric was so fine that it would tear easily. 

And here's the sketch for that dress. 

I love this outfit because it's this neutral colored palette, but there's so much detail in it. 

 Anything dealing with army uniforms, the costume designer must consult an expert. Here, Jacqueline had help from a good friend that was an expert in British army uniforms. 

Here's one of the nurse's uniforms. 

Are there any movies that you want me to cover? Let me know! Hope you guys have a restful Sunday!

Maggie S.

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  1. That dress is amaaaaazing (yours) and of course Keira looks amazing in everything. I love this movie-designer feature, it's actually super-interesting!

  2. nice post!! follow each other? let me know!

  3. I love the silhouette of your outfit! its sooo nice!

    plus i loved the costume design in Atonement, it was very well done. Another movie was Pirates of the Carribean, worlds end. It was so authentic.

  4. Really love the print on your dress although I also tend to shy away from a bold tie dye. It's beautiful! Love that dress from Atonement also. A really gorgeous piece that would not be out of place today either. Completely timeless!


  5. Looove your printed maxi dress, it's just gorgeous. I've always been really inspired by Keira's green dress from Atonement!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. Your dress is amazing! And your blog is really interesting!
    Would you like to follow each other? :)
    With love, Sofia Silva ♥


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