sunglasses: h&m, printed jeans: forever 21, white shirt: hk, red bag: coach, red heels: zara I saw a pair of similar jeans ...

sunglasses: h&m, printed jeans: forever 21, white shirt: hk, red bag: coach, red heels: zara

I saw a pair of similar jeans that Aimee Song wore on her blog and they were from Isabel Murant, which was way too expensive to be purchased even after being on sale. Her and Wendyslookbook always have such pricey items, but I guess this is where our creativity comes in right? Actually, prior to seeing Aimee wearing those Isabel Murant jeans, I was eyeing this pair for awhile at Forever 21. I have proof on my instagram. I tried them on and thought, "Meh, they're too flashy," and decided not to buy them. Then a couple weeks later, I get an update from Aimee's blog and see her in those awesome jeans. I rushed to the Forever 21 store and bought them. Haha. It's funny when you can't seem to restrain yourself from buying things when you see other fashion bloggers wearing similar pieces. Anyone else have that problem? 

I also bought these red heels from Zara when they first went on sale. I was debating between the black and red ones. Ultimately, I decided on the red ones just because I have a lot of black shoes already and I've been wanting a pair of sexy red heels for awhile. So, I decided to get these. I know every fashion blogger has these, but they're just so classic and pretty!

Ok, now finally, onto costume design. Michael Wilkinson was the costume designer for 300 and I heard he was pretty stressed out with how the costumes would look on camera. Supposedly, he said in an interview that they looked kind of cheap in real life, but after the film getting processed, he was amazed at how the costumes looked so different. Ok, I get it, there wasn't much costuming in the first place anyway because everyone's half naked. Haha. But there are definitely details in the pieces. Here's a closer look at the screen shots. 

Have you guys seen the newest 300 trailer? What do you guys think? I personally loved this film. It had a great story and fight sequence. It was so epic. I hope the new one will continue this legacy of Sparta!

Maggie S.

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    1. Sorry buddy! I have no idea what you're saying. >_<

  2. great pants <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. I think the pants are lovely! They look great with the red heels.



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