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denim jacket: diy/levi's, distressed black jeans: forever 21, plaid shirt: american eagle, eagle tank: hk, bucket bag: h&m ...

denim jacket: diy/levi's, distressed black jeans: forever 21, plaid shirt: american eagle, eagle tank: hk, bucket bag: h&m

I just wanted to show a bit of my progress on this denim jacket. I few posts back, I said I wanted to make something similar to the Balmain denim jacket and let me tell you, it is work! I bought so many studs and I'm already running out again. I think I'm on a 300th stud count - not to mention, I have to buy more safety pins. I think Balmain used leather for the black panels, but I decided not to just because it would weigh the jacket down (as if it's not heavy already from all the studs). 

Side note, I did not dye my hair, but what do you guys think of this red color? I was messing around in photoshop and created this ombre red hair. (Currently, my hair is naturally ombre brown.)

Anyway, now onto some costumes/fashion from one of my favorite Kpop bands, 2NE1. Who else knows of them? I am so in love with their style (at times). Sometimes they go overboard, but this was one of my favorite music videos, "I Am the Best." Unfortunately, I don't know all the designers that created these outfits. 

Minzi wearing an awesome chainmail hood. You  know I have a chainmail fetish. :P

Sandara wearing a really cool cutout dress. Her choker is from Gareth Pugh.

I think their jackets were custom made. Amazing right?? It's so awesome to have things custom made.

Park Bom looked so sleek in this outfit. She totally rocked that spiked bra top.

CL's cool boxer champion look:

This is from Gareth Pugh's SS11 collection. Amazing right!?

What did you guys think? Anyone else listen to Kpop?

Maggie S. 

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  1. Awesome picks, love your inspirations :)
    Would you like to follow each other??
    Hugs :)


  2. Love love love the jacket!! and great inspiration :)

    Lovely blog, Glad I found it, hope you can stop by mine sometime and tell me what you think :)

    On the Bright Style

  3. your style is so cool!
    i love all the studs.
    the whole combination is amazing!

    Following u now via Goggle +/ bloglovin/ facebook. Follow me back if you like! ♥
    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Aggie Kwong
    Facebook: Miss Aggie Kwong

  4. Hi Maggie!

    I went of a blogging break for a while, so glad to see all these new posts on your blog upon my return :P. I was just about to ask whether you had dyed your hair, until I saw the text... It would look really sick if the colour can turn out that vibrant!

    Also, i loooove 2NE1, they somehow manage to make the wackiest things look wearable hah!



    1. Hey Mai,

      So glad to see you return cause I really do love your style. Isn't 2NE1 awesome? I love their new single! Have you seen the new mv?

    2. Hah, I'm assuming you were talking about the falling in love one? I want their wardrobe :( they make me want to wear more colourful things!

      Have you seen the newer one as well? it just came out a couple of days ago :D

    3. Haha. This music video was still my favorite of all time. I saw their newest music video "falling in love" and it was awesome! 2ne1 is back fa sho!

  5. love your jeans! & sick jacket too, love the outcome (wish my diys turned out that good). and yes, kpop <3 gotta love 2ne1's music and fashion, esp. CL's.


    1. Aw thanks! Haha, it just takes a lot of hard work and persistence. :P I mean, I'm still working on that jacket. -_-"

      I agree! CL seriously has the raddest looks!

  6. you dye her hair red!?
    It is soooooooo cool!
    i wanna do that tooo hahahaha but i can't :( envy!

    love ,canria


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