kimono top:, white tee: h&m, faded light jeans: cotton on, lavender heels: fornarina If any of you guys f...

kimono top:, white tee: h&m, faded light jeans: cotton on, lavender heels: fornarina

If any of you guys follow Aimee Song's blog (, you must have seen her post of her beautiful silk red and white kimono top. Her pictures were absolutely stunning, not to mention her outfit. Sadly, her kimono top was over $300. As much as I love fashion, that's just way too expensive for me. So, I went on a hunt for something similar and found this beautiful kimono top from Nordstrom's website. I got it within a week in the mail and took these photos as soon as I could. It's the perfect top for a splash of color to a neutral outfit. 

Ok, so who's a Game of Thrones fan? The costumes are amazing. A couple posts back, I did a entry dedicated to Daenerys and missed one of her costumes. So, I'm adding it to my Sansa post. The amazing thing about this costume is the way they bunched up the fabric to make it look like scales. Pretty neat huh?

Ok, so now onto Sansa's costumes. In Season 3, Costume Designer Michele Clapton drew more inspiration from Japanese kimonos and combined it with the medieval look. All the belts are amazing!

These closeups are from the website (
If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you have to check out that website. They have really extensive details on all the costumes. 

This is from Season 1 and look at the beautiful rose embroidery on her neckline. 

Bet you guys never noticed the dragonfly embroidery. 

Sansa Stark's Season 3 dress. Look at the detail on her belt!

This was from the first season I believe. I'm so in love with their costumes!

Let me know if any of you guys are Game of Thrones' fan too! 

Maggie S.

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  1. I haven't seen the show but I LOVE the costumes you've posted about every time. SO GORGEOUS. LOVE the medieval look

    1. Thanks Minda! You're always so sweet.
      Ya, the show is pretty scandalous, but if you can ignore all that or fastforward those scenes, the story line is actually really great.


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