Mirror Mirror

mint blouse: f21, belts: hk, royal blue maxi skirt: f21, key bracelet: cnsfashion, starfish ring: cnsfashion No. I don't think I&#...

mint blouse: f21, belts: hk, royal blue maxi skirt: f21, key bracelet: cnsfashion, starfish ring: cnsfashion

No. I don't think I'm Snow White, not even close. Haha. Anyway, this outfit was more so inspired by Wendyslookbook's most recent video on pairing maxi skirts. I really loved the ethereal feel of her first outfit. It's simple stunning and gorgeous. Here's a screen shot of her outfit:

Her outfits are always so stunning. I want that maxi skirt so badly. It's from Alice + Olivia and it's $400. Sad. Anyway, I just loved the beautiful colors in this outfit and it reminded me of the film Mirror Mirror. Now for those of you who haven't seen it yet, it's definitely color galore. The costume designer, Eiko Ishioka did a beautiful job of color coordination and the vibrant colors definitely remind me of Bollywood films. Eiko did get nominated for best costume design for the Oscars, but I think I mentioned before, Anna Karenina won instead. 

I absolutely adore this yellow cape. 

I heard that Julia Robert's costumes were so big that they couldn't fit it through the doors of production design so she had to change wherever filming was going to be. Pretty crazy right? I really love her organic wedding gown.  

Here's of course that famous red dress. It really stands out in a sea of pastel neutrals.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Cnsfashion.com was so gracious to give me $20 giftcard to their website to pick out some jewelry. I bought a few items and absolutely love them. I'm not just saying that. Frankly, the shipping took awhile and it wasn't the best packaging compared to big stores like NastyGal, but their quality is really good. The key bracelet is made of a really heavy metal. It doesn't feel like those flimsy Forever21 bracelets. I saw Aimee Song with a starfish bracelet and when I saw the starfish ring, I immediately added it to my cart. I have some other items to share in another blog post, but check out their website. Their jewelry is really affordable and great quality.


Until next time...

Maggie S.

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  1. I actually just saw that movie last night for the first time! That is so funny :)
    I totally LOVED the costumes and colors!!!

    Very lovely outfit you are wearing yourself! You look very nice :)


    1. whoaa that is funny! ya, I thought eiko did a pretty good job.

      aww thanks minda!

  2. cool outfit! I find maxi skirts hard to style personally, but I think you pulled it off. :) the colors are really vibrant.
    As for "mirror mirror", I didn't like the movie very much, but the costumes really were stunning.



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